1. Visit and scroll to the bottom of the page, then click the "Custom Room" button.

2. Click "Start Blank Room" button, then click "ENTER"

3. Follow the steps in the image:

4. Import this file:

5. Exit Edit Mode and now you are ready to play, share the URL link with a friend and make a call!

  • F11 key to full screen mode.

  • Every player will choose a Seat.

  • Drag cards from the main deck to the hand (white rectangle at the bottom for Player1, and at the top for player 2).

  • While pressing a card, you can rotate it with Z or X keys.

  • End Turn button will automatically add an energy card to both players, activate all energies for the next player, and draw a card for the next player.

  • Restart button will clean the board to start a new game.

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