Content Creators

Content Creators are community representatives, a cornerstone for any kind of project. In that regard, keeping active communities, having engaging activities, and making amusing events is a key factor for TactiCards success. With that in mind, we plan to create appealing spaces and experiences like:

  • Content Creators meetings: Interactions between different content creators and the TactiCards staff to talk about the project, news reveals, playing against the developers, giveaways, quizzes, and more.

  • Content Creator incentives: As a reward for helping spread the game, content creators will be rewarded with two initiatives: 1. Referral Code, where the value of the first card pack that every new account buys will go entirely to the referrer. 2. Making use of the original Lunacian Codes that will give them 1% of every user's transaction.

  • Content Creator card skins: Unique card artwork variations will be generated for specific Content Creator communities with limited supplies to share with their audience.

Example: A Rojan's Felpu (his pet) themed card, that is just a variation artwork (skin) of an existing beast card.

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