Original Axie NFT assets integration

TactiCards is planned to be able to interact with original Axie assets to bring whole universe inspired experiences, in the following ways:

  • Axie expeditions: There will be a system for users to send Axies for expeditions, the more time an Axie is in an expedition, the better rewards it can collect. Expeditions periods are fixed: 5 days, 10 days, 30 days, 90 days, etc. This allows to extract Axies from the Origin marketplace raising their value. Rewards are the kinds of cards, Gold, or other collectibles. For cards, the more pure the Axie is, the possibility of obtaining a card of its type augments.

  • Custom cards with owned Axies: Players can create a customized non-blockchain card depending on their Axie's parts. Those determine what kind of abilities it can have and how much Energy would cost. A deck can only contain one personalized card at the same time. This system will interact with: Axies, their parts, seasonal Axies, mystic Axies, Lands, and others. Example: you want to create a custom mystic Axie card, so he is the artwork character of it. You have a Land, so you can choose it as the artwork's background. You can decide from what part of the Axie you want to take the Card Effect. So you end with a costly (in energy terms) custom card, but with powerful and unique effects that only Lands and mystic Axies can bring. (This feature could be unavailable for ranked games if we find it to be extremely difficult to balance).

  • Incentives to play Axie Infinity Origin: Some exclusive rewards in TactiCards will be granted to players who complete milestones in Axie Infinity Origin. Those rewards goes from exclusive card arts(of main characters like Buba, Puffy and Olek) to special lore-oriented chapters in Adventure and RPG modes only unlockable through Origin.

  • RPG mode: A PVE single player or cooperative multiplayer game mode that allows player's NFT Axies to be their characters. They choose 3 of them, which will be represented as a custom card, with leveling up mechanics, items recollection, upgradeable abilities, equipable weapons and more... The gampley follows the foundations of TactiCards game, like tactical movement, energy system, and effects. But will feature substantial modifications, like variable map sizes, no decks, big enemy bosses that occupy more spaces than usual, different winning conditions, and much more.

  • Lands and Guilds: An exciting conquering system that will be available only for Guilds with at least one original NFT Axie Land. Guilds vs Guild tournaments will decide who dominates different zones of Lands that will have increasing prize pools divided into territories.

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