The Core Game Set is group of predefined non-blockchain cards available since the game launch and is acquirable for all players. It's free, and its cards are obtainable through the tutorial and first adventure mode chapters.

A player can obtain new card sets (NFT cards) by either renting them with in-game only currency (Gold) or purchasing them with real money (Ronin Blockchain).

Purchasing: Players can sell the NFT cards in the marketplace. Offer and demand interactions between players will set the value of the cards.

Although we aim for cards to be balanced in general, naturally some of them will end up being more powerful than others and therefore more valuable for players. The value of cards is also associated with the artwork and aesthetic rarity (common, silver, and gold).

The currency used for transactions is a tokenized USD (USDC). Users can also pay with Ronin original tokens like SLP and AXS to buy cards with an automatic equivalent USD price swap.

Renting: A player can earn in-game currency by completing daily quests, ranked rewards, or participating in tournaments.

Gold can be used to rent cards from other players. The cost in Gold of renting a card is fixed, and is determined as follows. Renting a card for one month is equivalent to 10x the price in USD of buying the NFT in the Ronin Blockchain. For example, if a card value is 10 USDC in the blockchain, then it will cost 100 Gold coins to be rented for one month.

In that way, both NFT holders and players have benefits:

  • NFT holders can obtain high amounts of Gold coins that can be used to buy limited cosmetic NFTs like card covers, board fields, portraits, and more.

  • And players can temporarily acquire free non-blockchain cards that allow players to have a full game experience competing at the highest levels without compromising the real monetary value of the digital cards.

The Gold rewards for players will have a statistic model to be sure that the Gold coins supply is limited, but still enough to rent a balanced amount of cards per month. So the players will end up obtaining variables amount of Gold coins through daily quests and other rewards.

Lending: Cards can be lent in-game for fixed periods without blockchain interactions. This flexibility makes it easier to have friends or scholars that can play in external accounts without losing the property of the assets.

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