Card Rarities

There is no rarities-based card power (5 stars, UR, Legendary, etc) in TactiCards, because we plan to only create balanced cards, so, rarities will be decided by the players on an offer and demand basis.

However, all cards will have the possibility to have an aesthetic rarity of:

  • Common

  • Silver

  • Gold

Every time a card is minted (in digital) or printed (in physical), it will have a chance of being: 90% common, 9% silver rarity, and 1% gold rarity.

Also, some few cards will have a bright foil finish for physical cards.

In digital, a simulated foil effect can be added to any card by burning (in the blockchain) one Brigth Foil Ink, an NFT item that is only obtainable as ranked, tournament, and event rewards.

Additional cosmetic card rarities can be added from time to time.

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