Principles of TactiCards

Project Principles of TactiCards

  • Accessible for non-blockchain users as well, creating a painless bridge between Web2 and Web3 gamers.

  • We want the community to take an active part in the further design and development of the game.

  • Open to the community.

Game Design Principles

Five guiding principles make TactiCards unique:

  • Keeping card mechanics simple and straightforward to understand with few texts in the descriptions.

  • Appealing art style and aesthetics of the game.

  • Avoiding complex interactions and effect chains that trouble the user experience.

  • Clear and visible stats values, effects, and mechanics for both player's perspectives.

  • Balanced gameplay with no intentionally overpowered units. And a power curve that allows the game to be relaxed and slow in the first turns, but intense and shocking at the end.

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