Game Board

The board has the following elements:

Field: consists of a 5x5 chess-like grid (squared spaces) where units can move and equipment can be placed. The Field is shared by both players.

Each player has a:

Main Deck: A deck containing 30 cards. Draw mechanic only interacts with this deck.

Grave: Dead units go face-up to the top of the Grave, but don't you worry, they could come back, unless they are Banished (in which case they go face-down to the bottom of the Grave).

Energy Deck: A deck containing 20 Energy Cards.

Energy Pool: The place where all currently available energy cards remain. All the cards in the Energy Pool are always face up.

Depleted Pool: The place where all used energy cards remain. All the cards in the Depleted Pool are always face down.

Card amounts in Deck, Grave, Energy Deck, Energy Pool, Depleted Pool and Hand are public information for both players.

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