8. Meet the TacTeam

As of the time we write this WhitePaper v1.0 (August 2022), the TactiCards developer team is integrated by:

Eduardo Yepes (Eduan)

Lead Game Designer and Art Director Linkedin
A jack of all trades, master of some.
Eduardo has a Bellas Artes Medellín - Visual Design degree.
Graphic designer, Web designer, motion graphics animations specialist, voiceover talent, photographer, entry-level Python programmer, and Blockchain beginner Bootcamp programmer. He is responsible for the beautiful web design behind the project’s landing page (TactiCards.net) and is also who created the Axiecon reveal trailer. He designed the game, and created most of the original graphic resources and UI the project has.
He got second place (from one thousand) in his ICFES ranking category in 2012. (Colombia Highschool National Assessment).
Gamer since his inception, Eduan enjoys all kinds of games, but the preferred are MMORPGs, TCGs, and Tactics games. He used to be a distinguished competitive pro player reaching achievements like 2400MMR+ in 2v2 World of Warcraft arena game mode, diamond rank midlaner in League of Legends, and winner of some Hearthstone local (Medellín) tournaments, game in which he has reached Legend rank several times. Reached 2600+ MMR in Axie Infinity Classic, in 2021.
He loves designing resources for the Axie Community, like an Axie Classic PvP energy tracker and an Axie Origin html5 interactive Roadmap for the #OriginEducation.
Project commitment: This life and the next.

Ricardo Yepes

Security and DevOps Engineer Linkedin
Master of Engineering at the University of Antioquia (Colombia), with an internship at Goethe University (Germany), developing a tool for model-based security testing on CERN Web systems. Computer Scientist, University of Antioquia. More than 1000 hours training IT professionals, including security areas at Bancolombia, one of the main banks in South America. 7 years of experience in providing security services to companies of CMMI 5 level and to major health, financial and telecommunication organizations in Colombia. Publications in Offensive Security’s Exploit Database and IEEE Carnahan Conference. Skills in computer security (secure coding, security testing, hardening and exploit development), programming (Python, Java, Javascript, Clojure, C and x86_64) and DevOps.
Project commitment: Part-time while Backend infrastructure is being built and implemented. Then, Side project for monitoring, security assurance, advisory and Cloud management.

Carlos Yepes

Web3 Marketing Advisor
With studies in Traditional Marketing, Carlos has transitioned from classical to Web3 Marketing fields. He founded Trividente, a private agency that offers conferences, strategic directionals, and advisory to integrate blockchain technology into traditional companies.
Project commitment: Side project.

Sebastián Echeverry (AlphaOmegaX)

Senior Fullstack Developer and Unity Programmer Linkedin
Passionate about software development and management positions. Has participated in multiple projects as project manager, developer and architect with national and international clients. With background in C# and Java development, desktop applications and game development in 2D and 3D.
Sebastián is also a highly competitive pro player who excels in MTG national tournaments, constantly placing in the top 3. He defeated Eduan in a local (Medellín) Hearthstone tournament, place where they met and became friends.
He reached the top 100 of the first Axie Infinity Origin alpha season (in-game name: AlphaOmegaX).
In his free time, he enjoys creating content for Axie Infinity Origin, via YouTube and Twitch. Youtube Channel link.
He enjoys all kinds of RPGs, MOBAs, Tactical games, and physical board games.
Project commitment: Part-time.

Manuela Barrera

Digital Artist
Manuela is a nursing student who loves creating beautiful artworks in her free time. She serves as an art and graphic design advisor and is part of the Balancing and Card Design teams. Alongside Eduan, she played the first ever TactiCards match, in which she was victorious.
Project commitment: Side project.