Extra rulings

• At any time during a player's turn (or Counter Phase), they can spend 5 energy points to draw 1 card.

• If a player would Draw a card from the Main Deck, but it is already out of cards, he loses the game instantly.

• The maximum hand size is 10 cards, any extra card a player Draws goes to the Grave.

Mechanics disambiguation

• A unit Effect or Spell Effect that Deals Damage to a unit reduces its life points by the Dealing Damage value. (It isn't reduced by armor, unless it states that Deals Physical Damage).

• Repel: Move enemy units the specified spaces in a straight line towards the owner player, or until the enemy units hit an obstacle unit (in that case the enemy units are only moved until the adjacent space to the obstacle).

• Draw: Moving the card(s) on top of the Main Deck to the player's hand.

• Destroy: When a unit's life points are reduced to 0, or when a card Effect or Spell destroys a unit, it is moved to the owner's Grave. Then the unit activates its death effect (skull icon) if it has any.

• If there is a number in a white circle after an Effect description, it means that the Effect can only be activated the indicated times per turn.

• An empty space is a square that doesn't have cards over it. Equipment and Item cards can only be placed over empty spaces.

• An available space is a square that is empty, or has Equipment or Item cards on it. Units can be summoned or moved into available spaces. If there is a Unit on a space, that space is not available.

• Move is the mechanic that Units use to move through Movement Points during the Movement Phase. Effects like Pull, Push or Charge are considered also Move mechanic. But Effects like Teleport, Back Door, or Side Door are not considered Move mechanic. Structure Units cannot be moved, but they can be teleported, for example.

• Units with Taunt don't protect other Taunt units.

• Units still receive counter attacks even if they are protected by a Taunt unit.

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