9. Roadmap

This Roadmap is not final, changes can be made throughout the development.
TactiCards goals are divided into 3 categories:
  • Core
  • Mid Journey
  • Full Experience
The last two will only be achieved if we can obtain further support and funding to do so.
As readers will guess, TactiCards is not just a mini-game. Our aim is immense. We dream of seeing the game being played by millions of people, and grow as one of the top competitive TCGs in the world. Those are not light purposes, but we will give all of us to make this dream come true.
Most of our goals are not reachable for a small team like us. However, even if have to make this on our own, versions for both physical and digital games will be globally launched, with a complete set of cards and what matters the most; an exciting and incredibly fun game. We make this because of the love we have for the initiative.
In a game categories analogy, we could imagine how the end product will look like: Core - Indie Game. Mid journey - AA game. Full experience - AAA game.
The Full Experience is the dreamed version of TactiCards, with all the features mentioned in this WhitePaper.
The Core Roadmap is the planned path we can cross by our own with the current team, without the needs of external funding. It is detailed in the next section.
Please note that given that the Ronin Blockchain assets and features are in parallel development, some of the blockchain implementation dates could be modified.

Core Roadmap

2021: The idea is alive. ✔

2022 Q1

  • Design of the game concept ✔
  • First card prototypes ✔
  • Core design alignment with ABP standards ✔

2022 Q2

  • First printed prototype ✔
  • First balance and mechanics iteration ✔
  • Field game testing ✔
  • Second printed prototype + pro photographs ✔
  • TactiCards logo design ✔
  • Graphic resources design ✔
  • Landing page design ✔

2022 Q3

  • Landing page implementation ✔
  • TTS digital game version ✔
  • WhitePaper creation ✔
  • Axie Builders Program applying ✔
  • First game reveal trailer ✔
  • TactiCards AxieCon project reveal ✔
  • Public game print&play invitation ✔
  • First public game feedback and balance iteration ✔

2022 Q4

  • Starting building the first Unity prototype ✔
  • New card mechanics implementation ✔
  • Design and print additional prototype cards ✔
  • Starting building backend logic ✔
  • Starting blockchain integration ✔
  • Prototype smart contracts design ✔
  • Ronin testnet smart contracts
  • Community designed cards contest


  • Asking SkyMavis for external funding permission
  • Roadmap redesign based on funding model achieved and SkyMavis guidelines
In case no funding is achieved, the Core Roadmap continues as:

2023 Q1

  • First playable Unity demo internal testing prototype
  • Core Game Set card list is defined
  • Unity animation effects implementation

2023 Q2

  • Second playable Unity prototype
  • Core Game Set prototype printing
  • Public Core Game Set print&play

2023 Q3

  • Third playable Unity prototype: closed alpha version
  • Core Game Set balancing
  • First marketplace testing

2023 Q4

  • Fourth playable Unity prototype: public alpha version
  • Core Game Set iteration and balancing
  • Core Game Set global Tournament
  • Ronin Testnet & alpha version integration
  • First smart contracts tests and iteration


  • Full Ronin Blockchain implementation
  • Definitive smart contracts
  • Full marketplace integration
  • Unity Game Beta Version: Core Game Set Launch
  • Physical TCG official release: Core Game Set Launch (Synchronized with following milestone)
  • (Unity) Digital Game Global Full Release - New Card Set Expansion
  • Physical New Card Set global release, 6 months after previous milestone


  • From now on, the game will follow the same pattern launching Digital New Card Sets, and their corresponding Physical New Card Set 6 months after digitals are released.