ERC-1155 standard

TactiCards will use the ERC-1155 standard to guarantee the integrity of the transactions inside the Ronin Blockchain. This token standard has a proven record of successful implementations in blockchains like Ethereum. And one of its benefits is how lightweight it is for the network.

Each card will have an NFT representation (i.e., two cards with the same name are actually represented by the same token but a different ID), so the game can leverage all the scaffolding for operations between assets the Ronin platform offers.

Although there are no practical differences between one card and another with the same name, we plan to track the record of achievements that have been reached with the card, raising its intrinsic value.

Example: you check a card in the marketplace and see that it has belonged to a certain player, and it has been used to win the World Championship years ago... Then you buy it, get placed top 10 on the ladder with it, and that achievement gets also registered in the card.

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