TactiCards Multiverse

Collabs as priority

The key for success in concepts like the Multiverse and Metaverse is the possibility of clashing different universes into one. We aim to have special edition decks with themed cards (something similar to what MTG is doing with Stranger Things, Street Fighter and LOTR).

In our case, our plan is that collab collections will have an apart league from TactiCards Axie Game. With that, TactiCards Multiverse decks could only be played in that competitive new category. Of course, for casual mode, we want them to be able to interact with each other.

Example: Let's say Square Enix and Sky Mavis accept to do a TactiCards Multiverse Collab, then we create the Full Metal Alchemist (FMA) Collection: 150 FMA themed cards that can only be combined between the same collection, that's right, your FMA 40 deck can only contain FMA cards, and it can be used in TactiCards Multiverse League only, so, the finals of that tournament could be FMA vs DBZ (Can you imagine Edward Elric vs Goku?)

We will be eager to hear what collaborations the community would like the most. We surely will be open to building bridges with other Web3 Projects, because we all share the same dream; spreading the Web3 capabilities to the world. Having Axies battling Embersword or Skyweaver characters would be fantastic as well, for example.

And guess what, we now have the necessary rights to work on a collab with a game played by millions of people. TactiCards Multiverse is real now. It'll be awesome! For now it has to remain a secret, though.

Collaborations with any other IP will need to be approved by SkyMavis first.

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