Prototype implementation and evolution

The first stage in the Digital TactiCards Game implementation will use a Tabletop Simulator (TTS) demo as a proof of concept for internal development and a reduced amount of public testers. This first version will lack appealing animations and some automatic mechanics like energy counters. This first iteration is what we consider the digital MVP.

The second stage is a more detailed public implementation using the Unity engine to create a worldwide playable prototype with full mechanics and automation. This will be launched as the first technical alpha version of the game for desktop devices.

The game will keep evolving with feature requests from the community and bug fixes. After this period, the first beta version will be released, providing a more stable experience for users.

Full global launch will be synchronized with the Physical Format game release in order to have the game correctly balanced for both formats thanks to the development, testing and feedback of the previous digital versions. This launch will include PC version, mobile app, and browser-based app.

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