Axie Homes

Axie Homes is a parallel initiative linked to the TactiCards game project. Even though they are independent efforts, both share the same passion about helping the community to grow.

The general idea of Axie Homes is to provide physical spaces for people to join in real-life interactions. The concept is similar to local shops in traditional TCGs, but with additional features that take the experience to another level.

The following is the list of features offered by Axie Homes:

  • Allow IRL Axie fan Meetings.

  • Have a bar restaurant (wen Axtaurants?) with delicious meals and liquor-themed drinks served in glasses with shapes of SLP, AXS and RON token icons.

  • Variety of tabletop games.

  • Axie Arcades, with an access card that users can top-up (add credits) via the Ronin Blockchain. For the general public, tickets can be bought in the local shop. Axie Arcades features Axie themed mini-games with competitive local and global leaderboards.

  • Axie merchandising like plushies, pads, beanies and TactiCards!

  • Activities like Art, Live Music, Contests, Mimics, and so on.

  • Perfect place for game tournaments.

  • Comfort areas to rest and relax.

  • Tables will have a removable surface that will open an integrated TactiCards game board.

  • ¡The perfect place for finding friends!

Inspiration examples: Madolce Gamestaurant (Medellín) Fortress Melbourne (Australia) Pokémon Cafe (Tokio)

New name ideas for this initiative are welcome!

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