Game Setup

Both players set the board with:

  • The Main Deck with exactly 30 cards.

  • The Energy Deck with exactly 20 Energy Cards.

  • Both players take 1 Energy Card from the Energy Deck and place it on the Depleted Pool (face down).

Then, players decide who plays the first turn of the game.

Each player Draws 4 initial cards. The cards are always drawn from the Deck's Top. These cards are hidden from the opponent.

Here the game starts, and the first player initiates his turn. Each turn consists of the following steps and phases in order:

  • Turn Start

  • 1. Summoning Phase

  • 2. Movement Phase

  • 3. Counter Phase (enemy)

  • 4. Battle Phase

  • 5. Final Phase

  • Turn End

Turn Start

The player Draws 1 card and flips all his depleted Energy Cards face up. Then he places those Energy Cards on the Energy Pool, making them available for later use.

Turn Start and Turn End are automatic steps in digital format.

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