Revenue sharing model

We plan to strictly align our models with the ABP guidelines, so here is our proposal:

The 100% of the revenue generated by card packs selling will be divided as follows:

  • 70% going back to players as rewards for the best ranked players, tournaments, contests, additional game modes, and so on. This way we can ensure that pool prizes will be compelling.

  • 10% goes to the Axie Community Treasury.

  • 20% for the developer team.

Additionally, a referral code system will be created to encourage the community spread the project. The entire value of the first card pack that every new account buys will go to the referrer. Every time a new card set is launched, the "new account" rule is reset only for that new product.

This is still considered revenue even though it gets redirected to referrer, a portion will still need to go to Treasury via ABP rules, so in compensation to this, the second pack for each account will give 20% to the Treasury, instead the regular 10%.

One card pack original price is planned to be 1 USDC, and it comes with 5 five cards of its set. Card packs are also NFTs (ERC-1155) that could never be opened if the owner desires so, for collectible reasons. Opening a pack burns its representative NFT inside the Ronin Blockchain.

The amount of card packs available for new card sets is fixed and determined taking into account the amount of daily active users, using statistic models to maintain a balance between scarcity and availability.

Physical Product revenue sharing model will be discussed once we have clear printing and distribution costs.

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