Game Modes

  • Casual match: Friendly matches with no changes in MMR (Matchmaking Rating).

  • Ranked: Competitive matches that determine the MMR. This is also the game mode that allows qualification for tournaments. Cards used in ranked mode will be locked and won't be able to be transferred to other accounts until the end of the season, but they can still be sold in the marketplace.

  • Tournament: Competition between the top players of the season with prizes including rare NTF aesthetic assets. Plus automatically managed open tournaments for all the community with entry fee and increasing prize pools.

  • Tutorial: Learn how to play.

  • Adventure mode: A lore-oriented game mode to discover interesting mechanics against different levels of AI and to unlock the free basic card set.

  • RPG mode: Competitive PVE Mode in which there are special cards linked to the original Axie NFTs that can level up. The ruleset is based on the original TactiCards game but with substantial modifications.

We will listen to the community regarding additional desired game modes, for example, roguelike, 2v2 matches, solitaire mode, autobattler, commander and others that the community can support building.

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