Card types


Every Unit card has a Name, a Type, and a Description: which may have card Effects on it.

Unit cards have different stats:

  • Energy cost.

  • Movement points.

  • Attack points (can be Melee, Ranged or Magic).

  • Health points.

  • Some cards also have additional stats like Armor and Attack Range.

  • A Description, which indicates the unit Traits and Effects.

Units are placed on the Field (vertically) when played. They can only be summoned over any available space from the player's first row.


Spells can be casted anytime during a player's turn, or during the counter phase (in the enemy turn).

The Description section of the card explains what the Effects performed by the Spell card are. Each Spell Effect of the card can have a different Energy cost. If the Spell has two or more possible Spell Effects, only one of these can be activated by the same card, which is decided by the owner player.

Spells go to the Grave after they are played (Except for Enchants, these get placed under the enchanted unit until it leaves the field).


Equipment cards have two kinds of Energy costs; the first is the summoning cost, and the second is the equipping cost.

Equipment cards can be placed over any empty space from the player's first row. Equipment cards are always placed horizontally (rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise (CCW) from the owner's view).

The Description section of the card explains how the Equipment alters the stats of the equipped unit, or the additional Effects that gives to the Unit.

To equip, the unit must be in the same square as the equipment, the player pays the equipment cost, then the equipment card is placed under the unit (vertical).

When the equipped unit is destroyed, the equipment goes back to its unequipped position (horizontal: rotated 90° CCW) and stays in the same square the unit was.

Only the owner of the Equipment can equip his units.

Only one piece of equipment can be equipped at a time on the same unit.


Items can be placed over any empty space (placed horizontally: 90° CCW) in the field.

Items are activated when any unit passes through or gets moved to that square.

After an item is activated, it goes to the Grave.

New card types are in development: Items, Devices, and Mounts/Ships!

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