IRL Tournaments and competitive scene

TactiCards has a huge competitive potential thanks to its simple yet profound gameplay system, and its innovative mechanics in the TCG genre.

Locals (game and anime shops) have been the designated space for players to buy cards, find friends, and play in casual and competitive manners. TactiCards is the ideal way for Axie to open up to new markets like these. Not only bringing a fun and competitive game to the table (literally), but also creating the channel to distribute Axie-themed merchandise and rewards.

Although eSports are a way bigger scene than locals, IRL communities still have incredible power, as we explained in the first chapter of this document.

IRL tournaments (with compelling rewards) are an important key for maintaining an active and motivated fan base. We plan to make contact with locals owners and networks to be able to spread the competitive scene of TactiCards worldwide.

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