Blockchain is the answer to the needs the world has been trying to solve since ancient times. An immutable registry system that can permanently store data and guarantee authenticity in a decentralized manner. The combination is compelling indeed.

However, like with every technological revolution, complicated hardships must be surpassed. As with the .com bubble, NFTs demonstrated that great technologies can be wrongly assumed and give space to over-speculation. Sadly, the reputation of an incredibly powerful technology is stained by human concepts. And as if it wasn't enough, the blockchain environment is also marked by constant scams, deceptions, and phishing tricks.

That caused thousands of gamers to be reluctant to many potential Blockchain-based projects (Web3), and it's hard to make them understand that the problem is not the technology. It is human nature; scams and speculations are as old as our race. The same analogy can be drawn to other powerful tools, like the Internet: The fact it is utilized to trade weapons and invade countries, shouldn't overshadow the vast benefits it has brought to our civilization.

This is why our team decided to start a quest as a member of the NFT and Blockchain community. Our mission is to demonstrate to the world that we can build digital nations with real value, with entertaining games, with massive competitive scenes, and with strong communities. Our mission goes beyond a proof of concept and aims to support building a beautiful, safe, useful, and fun Web3 environment accessible for non-blockchain users as well.

That goal should provide context on why a community is so critical for success...

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