Open to the community

We dispose of a PDF template you can print to have a demo version of the game. We will be more than happy to support users that decide to print the specification and test some games. We suggest using glossy photographic paper if possible.

We need all the feedback possible, so please feel free to let us know about any comments or suggestions. What do you love, and what do you not like?

Please note these demo cards don't represent the final game and can be changed eventually.

Everyone can create unofficial cards and decks with TactiCards rulings and mechanics. We also offer an open template for this purpose. We invite anyone to create on top of this game, with other thematics, characters and universes. Don't you think combating Axie's Plants vs Zombies from The Walking Dead would be cool? What about your favorite videogame or TV series characters? What kind of effects would they have? I (Eduan) personally dreamed of having the Warcraft III characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh game since I was a kid. Imagine the Dark Magician combating Arthas! One day I will make that fan-made Yugi deck for sure.

We will watch closely what the community creates to implement the most exciting and compelling mechanics into the official game! So start printing the specs now and show your friends and the world what kind of decks you can make!

So let's build this together!

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