Movement Phase

Here is where units can move through the squares. A unit can move up to the number of squares indicated in its Movement Points (the number over the green circle , below the Energy Cost) from its original position. Units can only move over available squares but cannot move through other units, unless they have special traits like Fly. Two units cannot occupy the same square unless a special Effect or Spell allows it.

All the player's units can move one time in a turn. Only one unit can move at the same time, and while a unit moves, no other unit can move or activate its Effects. Spells cannot be activated during a unit's movement. However, the moving unit can activate its card Effects before, after, or between its movements.

Example: A player decides to move 2 squares a unit that has 3 Movement Points. The player activates its Kill Effect, which destroys an enemy unit. Then the player uses the one remaining Movement Point of that unit and decides to go back one square. Now that the unit movement has ended, the player is free to move other units, activate Effects, and play Spells.

Once the player in turn declares the end of the Movement Phase, both players should remember that the Counter Phase goes before the Battle Phase.

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