Aesthetic Collectibles

Given our desire to have a balanced game, no other elements besides cards will have an in-game power level impact. However, collectible objects have great importance for both physical and digital versions of the game. Those decorative elements help players feel unique, represented, and have engaging experiences trading and collecting these. Most of them will be tradable NFTs. Here is a list of the kinds of collectibles we plan to implement:

Digital collectibles

  • Card backs

  • Portraits

  • Axie NFT portraits

  • Portrait frames

  • Achievements

  • Gameboards

  • Stickers

  • Chat dialogues

  • Cards with artwork variations

  • Titles

  • Background music for both players!

Physical collectibles

  • Big sized non-playable cards

  • Plushies

  • Dice

  • Marbles (in the shape of Energy points)

  • Playmats

  • And all kinds of merchandise!

And the most important decorative elements, which are the card rarities, explained in the following section.

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