Unit Effects and Traits Keywords


Fly: This unit can move over other units. During the owner's Movement Phase, units with Fly don't activate Items.

Poisonous: A unit with poisonous applies Poison equal to it's attack value to any unit that battles with it.

Poison: Reduce the health points of the unit by the poison value that the unit has at the end of the turn.

Dive: Instead of attacking in the battle phase, a unit with Dive can flip itself face down (vertical) until the start of the owner's turn. During this, that unit can't attack or be attacked, counter attack, activate effects or be targeted. (Dive also cleans status like poison or paralysis, but it doesn't get rid of Enchant spells).

Taunt: Adjacent units cannot be targeted for attacks. If a Taunt unit is in its player's first row, his opponent can't attack to life points directly.

OmniTaunt: Same as Taunt, but units (or the player if the unit is in the first row) adjacent to the OmniTaunt unit cannot be targeted by spells and effects.

Assassin: A unit with Assassin is not counter-attacked if it would destroy the enemy unit during that battle. (It doesn't apply in the opponent turn).

Engage: Enemy units adjacent to an Engage unit cannot move by self effects or movement points. (For example, the couldn't Charge, but they could Back Door or Teleport).

Double Attack: A unit with Double Attack can Attack twice in the same battle phase. (Each Attack is counter attacked individually).

Skilled: This unit can equip Equipments without paying the equipping cost.

Honorable: A unit with honorable cannot Attack to player's life points the turn it is summoned.

Dormant: A unit with dormant cannot move, attack, or activate effects the turn it was played.

Structure: A structure unit cannot be moved by Effects or Spells. Also movement points cannot be added to a structure unit. (It can be teleported, though).

Throw: Place the Equipment under the target Unit (unequipped), and then the effect in the description applies.


Summon: An effect that activates immediately after the unit is summoned.

Death (skull icon): An effect that activates immediately after the unit is destroyed.

Stun: Cause Stunned to an adjacent unit.

• Stunned: A stunned unit is flipped face down (horizontal) until the end of its opponent's turn. During this, that unit can't attack, counter attack, activate effects or be targeted.

Scry X: Look at the X amount of cards on top of your deck, then return them in any order to the bottom or top of the deck. (Can be used to the opponent deck if the card specifies that).

Charge: A unit with Charge can move to adjacent spaces of enemy units that are in a straight line with it (cannot move through other units). This action doesn't reduce the movement points of the unit.

Back Door: Place this unit on an empty adjacent back space of an enemy unit.

Side Door: Place this unit on an empty adjacent side space of an enemy unit.

Kill: Destroy the enemy unit. No battle is performed with this Effect.

Life +X: Add X amount of life points to the target player.

Health +X: Add X amount of health points to the target unit.

Healing +X: Restore X amount of life points or health points to the target player or unit. Healing cannot surpass original values.

Reborn: Summon a unit from the Grave.

Disarm: Destroy an Equipment Card.

Pull: A unit with Pull can move enemy units towards it in a straight line until they are adjacent to the caster unit, or until the enemy units hit an obstacle unit (in that case, the enemy units are only moved until the adjacent space to the obstacle).

Push X: Move an adjacent unit away in straight line from the caster unit X squares or until it hits an obstacle.

Repel: If caused by a Spell, move target units towards their controller in a straight line. If the effect is caused by a unit, it causes the target unit to be moved in opposite direction from the caster unit.

Paralyze: Cause Paralyzed to a target unit.

• Paralyzed: A paralyzed unit cannot move or attack. It can activate effects, though.

Break Shield: Before attacking, a unit with Break Shield removes all armor from the enemy unit until the end of the turn.

Jump X: Move the unit up to X spaces. (It can jump through other units).

Teleport: Place the target unit on an available space. (It doesn't count as move).

Much more Traits and Effects are being designed, and also new proposals are welcome...

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